Bowling team seeks new members

Five seniors graduated making a decline in the roster

Midway through the season, Howell’s Bowling team is ranked in the top two out of 24 teams while bowling an average of 180.

Leading the team, junior Christian Drescher is bowling a 210 average.

“Being on the bowling team means friends and leadership,” Drescher said. “As one of the more experienced bowlers I enjoy helping my teammates improve and show their true potential.”

The teams only girl, junior Cierra Barton is currently bowling a 180 average.

“Bowling is a ton of fun and it is the best thing I’ve done in high school,” Barton said. “The game is actually more complicated than you think.”

Sophomore Kyle Holloway is currently bowling a 200 average.

“It feels really good when you bowl well enough to help the team win,” Holloway said. “ I can always improve to become more consistent because everyone has their off days.”

Practicing every Saturday for free at Harvest Lanes, the bowlers spend their mornings getting a feel for the lanes, competing against teammates, and listening to coaches offer advice on form and technique.

Tournaments are held every Sunday at Harvest Lanes. The average score for the tournament is taken out of three rounds of ten frames. There has been ten tournaments so far this season, including the Metro Tournament at Cave Springs where the team ranked in the top five.

Losing five seniors last year and three this year, the team’s roster is declining. Registration for the co-ed team is open to all students from grades 8th thru 12th. There is a $15 dollar fee for signing up, but no try outs are necessary.

“You can buy a good ball for about 150 dollars and a good pair of bowling shoes for about 30 dollars,” Holloway said. “After that it is $10 every Sunday.”

The season will continue till May, where the team hopes to strike up their first state championship win.