C Team Volleyball celebrates the season

C Team reviews their season

Laughing, having fun, and working hard is a common sight at the girls freshmen volleyball team practices.  

“We love being with each other, and had a lot of fun playing together.” freshman Machaela Brock said.

Players unanimously agree that high school volleyball is a more fun experience than the teams they have been on in years past.

“High school volleyball is definitely more fun than club volleyball.” freshman Olivia Simmons said. “We have a lot closer bonds because we go to school together.”

Although players were already friends with each other, it took some time for them to get acclimated in the new competitive environment.

“At the beginning of the season things were a little frantic because we had never played together. Us being frantic was probably one of the reasons we lost to Howell Central our second game.” freshman Grace Bayer said.

However, despite their initial discord the girls freshmen volleyball quickly gelled as a strong team unit. They did not lose another game, and went on to win first place in the GAC conference.

“As we progressed throughout the season our teamwork and communication got better” Bayer said. “We shared a strong team bond”