Hunting season is on the horizon

Guys discuss their hunting plans

All was quiet in the woods when senior Brett Grapenthin noticed a buck walking into sight; raising his bow, he took his shot.  He drew back the string, and he loosed the ready arrow.  The arrow pierced the buck’s heart, dropping him where he stood.  When Grapenthin and his grandfather went to finish the harvest, they saw that it was a ten-pointer.

“This hunt is memorable, since it was the last one I had with my grandfather before he passed away.  We hunted every year together since I was little,” Grapenthin said.

Hunters are already starting preparation for bow season on Sept. 15 to Nov. 11, and Nov. 25 to Jan. 15, and for rifle season Nov. 11 to Nov. 25.

“In preparation for the season, I am shooting my bow, planting food plots, and moving stands around on the 50 acre lease that I hunt,” Grapenthin said.

Hunting can have deeper meaning to some.

“Hunting lets me get away from all the business of society, slow down, and sit with my thoughts,” Grapenthin said.  “You can let everything go and not have to worry about anything other than the hunt.”

Missouri bowhunting includes not only deer, but also turkey, which can be shot at the same time as seasons run concurrent.  With turkey, most hunters want an older male.  Age is determined by the fan of feathers in its rear and by the length of the beard on its chest.

“Two years ago during the youth season, a tom with a three inch beard walked up,” junior Taylor Cook said.  “I missed my first shot and the second wounded the bird, so my dad had to chase after the bird until it died so we didn’t lose it.”