The top Haunted Houses to visit this fall

The best Haunted Houses to experience in St. Louis

Halloween is coming up, and haunted houses are open and running. Here are some of the most popular haunted houses in the St. Louis area to try out.


Creepyworld is thirteen different haunted attractions, all connected. Go through the Whispering Woods Cemetery, Dolly Madelyn’s Mansion, Supermax, Saint Lucifer’s Hospital, Carnivorous in 3D, The Evil Dread, The Dark Zone, and many more.  Each tour is $25, or $30 if you choose to ride in the haunted hay rides.

  1. The Darkness

Located in Soulard, The Darkness features multiple haunted houses, and a new addition to this year- Zombie Laser Tag. After completing the haunted houses, try one of their three escape rooms. The Darkness also has horror movies playing outside for waiting customers. Tickets start at $25.

  1. The Abyss

The Abyss is only one mile away from The Darkness. It’s underground caves and caverns in the Lemp Brewery. Tickets start at $25, but combo tickets for going to The Abyss and The Darkness are available for $40.


Phobius is in Wright City. The haunted house follows the story of Dr. Cyrus Fears, a doctor who loves blood. Tickets start at $25, and include free parking for the whole night.

     5.Fright Fest

Located at the Six Flags amusement park, Fright Fest features Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, rides, and more. This year, there are two new haunted mazes added-Big Top Terror, and Infestation. Tickets start at $46.99.