Howell Time continues to be interrupted

Howell Time is a Wednesday homeroom which means an extra chance to study. Or not.

“We were told that Howell Time would be a protected study time. However, I have not found that to be the case this year,” math teacher Kathy Stotts said.

Aug. 17, Aug 24, Aug. 31, and Sept. 7 Howell Times were earmarked for freshman because of activities such as Edge forums. Three out of the four Howell Times for sophomores, juniors, and seniors were filled, leaving no academic time.

“The interruptions during Howell Time prevent me from working on homework or studying for tests I may have,” senior Brady Peters said.

During the first Howell Time, teachers showed the annual discipline video. The video covered rules about student parking and the dress code, but there was also elements like the lip sync battles.

“I thought the video was pretty entertaining. When the teachers have to go through each page of the Code of Conduct, it’s extremely boring. But the video makes it more relatable to students,” sophomore Danielle Taylor said.

The second Howell Time was academic time for everyone but freshmen. Freshmen were needed in the gym for an Edge forum.

“I thought the Edge activity was stupid because no one really knew what they were doing,” freshman Evan Simpkins said.

The third Howell Time was scheduled for academic time, but instead the whole school was required to do an evacuation drill. The drill started off as a fire drill then everyone had to move to the football field. This took up all of Howell Time.

“The drill was needed for protection and was placed during Howell Time to not interrupt class,” Associate Principal Angie Kozlowski said.

The fourth Howell Time was a character lesson and student survey. The lesson covered putting in hard work and effort towards school.

“I thought the lesson was good and something important to know, but they should make it more fun and include games,” freshman Gavan Shinger said.

Usually during Howell Time, students can go meet with teachers or have time to work on school work. Fourteen out of 30 Howell Times have academic time, but the other 16 have scheduled activities.

“It’s kind of aggravating,” Simpkins said. “They’re making a big deal out of academics during Howell Time, but they’re not actually giving us time.”

The Sept. 21 Howell Time was changed. The Homecoming court voting scheduled during Howell Time was moved to Sept. 15 and done electronically. Voting for king and queen was also electronic, and open until 9 p.m. Sept. 21.