Budget Cuts Lead To No New Marching Band Uniforms

Where should we being looking for money?

“Set one,” senior Drum Major Zach Lewis called out as sophomore Payton Lane walked towards the 30-yard line. Lane squatted into her position trying to count the 24-count hold. However wearing an old uniform made it tight in some places it shouldn’t be. By count 10, her knees hurt from the pressure of her uniform.

“My uniform puts a lot of stress on my knees. It does this for a lot of people,” Lane said.

Band uniforms are replaced every eight to 10 years, and these are on their ninth year.

“Since we wear the uniforms 18 to 20 times a season, they get pretty nasty and sweaty,” band director Chris Miller said.

“The uniforms cost $500 dollars per uniform, including the shako (hat). To buy enough uniforms for everyone, you have to buy 110 uniforms for the bands sizes right now. At $500 per uniform, getting new uniforms would cost $55,000,” Miller said.

Band moms usually take care of little fixes like hemming pants or sewing a button back on.

“I think we do need the new uniforms. They don’t really fit anymore and they have been hemmed so many times, you can see it on the pants,” senior Katherine Carter said.

The district’s financial crises made getting new uniforms a lower priority.

“With all the budget cuts, it’s not very likely that we will get new uniforms next year either,” Miller said.

Parents are looking into fundraising options.

“I will be gone next year, but i still think we need the new uniforms. It can really help the new freshmen become more confident with being in marching band,” senior Katie West said.