Parking Passes brings uprise

Is the price really too high?

A Six Flags season pass costs $60. A new pair of shoes costs $60. An official NBA basketball costs $60. To park, all year, costs every student $60. Complaints by students about the parking fee occur every year, but every student pays it to avoid receiving tickets for illegal parking.

“We go to a public school so I would assume that we should also get the right to publicly park wherever we want to,” senior Nick Nelson said.

Assistant Principal Brian Thompson believes $60 is a fair price.

“It’s ridiculous to even complain about the cost for the parking pass. It’s less than the cost of car insurance,” Thompson said.

Parking without having to pay the fee could be possible. Thompson said writing an exemption letter stating why a student wants the parking pass, and why you can’t afford it, could possibly help a student escape from paying the fee.

“We are the cheapest in the area. Most schools, including Howell Central, cost close to $200,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson the money from these passes goes toward payment of the building, which gives the students the environment they need to be successful.