Powder Puff Cheerleaders

Senior guys become cheerleaders

Powder Puff Cheerleaders

Sept. 28, senior guys came to school decked out in cheerleader outfits and wigs. They were the powderpuff cheerleaders set to perform at the the pep assembly that day during 3rd and 4th hour. Spectators of the assembly however, noticed the modest amount of powderpuff cheerleaders. There were only 15 cheerleaders which is considerably less than in past years.

“There weren’t as many people participating as in the years before, so we had to try to make up for that,” senior Tyler McGhee said.

Some spectators thought the performance would have been better with more cheerleaders.

“It wasn’t as good as last year,” sophomore Noah Schultz said. “It would have been a lot better if they had more people to do cooler tricks.”

Despite the lack of participants cheerleaders had fun practicing and performing together.

“I definitely recommend that next year’s seniors participate in powderpuff. It is a great experience, and it is fun to practice with your friends,” McGhee said.