The clubs happening at Howell

When sophomore Shayna Crosby is not spending hours studying for her chemistry test or volunteering at the local nursing home, she is busy planning homecoming and building sets for the fall play.

“I really like Drama Club because I love the community of it. I’m in sound crew, which I enjoy,” Crosby said. “I feel like it’s a way for students to get out their energy in a useful way.”

Crosby, however, has put one big task at the top of her priority list: changing the world.

“I want to leave a mark on the world and change people’s lives,” Crosby said.

She feels clubs can be an effective tool to take action.

“I would like the clubs I’m actually in to make an influence on my school and my community,” Crosby said.

To achieve this, Crosby has started the Time is Now Club. She plans to focus on discussing issues and coming up with solutions to problems in the community.

“My goal for the Time is Now Club is, for us students to affect the world. I want us to be able to change it in a way where we feel can better the world in any way possible, whether it be donating money to a charity or raising awareness of an epidemic,” she said. “Anyone can change the world, so anyone is allowed to come and join us”.

Besides the Time is Now Club, there are a variety of different clubs offered at Howell.

“As a student, they help me be more interactive with the school and with what’s going on, what people like to do. Socially, it helps me connect with more people because it’s a bunch of people together that all have the same interest as you,” sophomore Dylan Enyart said.

Enyart joined French Club, Save the Bees Club and Drama Club.

Clubs, unlike the majority of sports that are played in fall or spring seasons, offer opportunities for students to participate during the entire school year.

“Clubs get students involved in a different way than sports and classes do. I’m in STUCO and I like to plan homecoming. I’m planning to join Yoga Club because my friends are joining and it can help with stress from swimming,” junior Emma Brabham said.

To create a club, students must first submit an application to STUCO.

“Students need at least 10 members and a teacher sponsor,” STUCO sponsor Katie Bange said. “The student turns it in, and then STUCO votes majority. Any student can start a club”.

New clubs STUCO have approved are Yoga Club and Fishing Club.