Twenty One Pilots Cancer cover review

My Chemical Romance comes back together for their tenth year anniversary

My Chemical Romance, an “emo” staple, broke up in 2013. They are, however, coming on the tenth anniversary of the release of their most popular album Welcome to the Black Parade to be released on its anniversary.

For their anniversary, My Chemical Romance is releasing a special edition of the Black Parade. The second is a disc of all new unreleased tracks, while the first is new alternative bands covering the original songs. The first of these covers, Cancer by Twenty One Pilots,

was released, Sept 14.

The original version of Cancer is very stripped and bear. The most pronounced element is the piano and drums, which also happens to be a main element in many Twenty One Pilot songs. Instead of doing that, they produced a melancholy track with a more techno sound. It focuses heavily on the lyrics, “I will not kiss you” using that transition from each verse.   

Twenty One Pilots did exactly what a band should do when covering another band. They kept the same lyrics and the same idea of the song, but changed it to make it sound like them. A lot of My Chemical Romance’s music is about other people and helping them. Twenty One Pilots’ music is about saving yourself, and that shows in their cover.

The rest of Welcome to the Black Parade’s Tenth Anniversary edition include covers of all the orginal songs covered by alternative bands, like Asking Alexandria. It will be release on the actual tenth anniversary, Sept. 23