Boys Soccer Volunteers at SPENSA

The boys soccer program at SPENSA.

The boys soccer program at SPENSA.

Sept. 17 the boy’s soccer program volunteered for an organization called SPENSA. SPENSA is an organization that assists kids with special needs how to play soccer and have fun doing it.

“The kid we were helping was named Shane. He was kind of shy but once we started talking to him he had a great sense of humor,” sophomore Nick Maur said. “He always payed attention and knew what to do when he was on the field.”

Others did not have kids that were cooperative.

“Our kid was described by the SPENSA coaches as a “runner”. This ended up being a very accurate description,” sophomore Tommy Nauman said. “Every opportunity he had he tried to run away from us. We had to pick him up and carry him back to the field.”

Even though some players had a harder time than others helping their athlete play soccer, they found the volunteering beneficial.

“I would definitely volunteer again.” sophomore Devin Griffith said. “I love helping the athletes and it is a lot of fun.”