Surviving Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Tips to consider when seeing a concert


With a capacity to hold 20,000 people, the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is unique in that it offers both lawn seating (13,000 people) and venue seating (7,000 people).

  1. Most things to account for when deciding arrival time is traffic levels, how popular the artists is resulting in lawn seat availability, and parking lots. It is not a huge deal of you’re late to a show depending on who’s opening for the artist. Most shows say they start at 7 pm. The earlier you are, the better lawn seat options you have.
  2. If you have lawn seats, bring either a towel to sit on or a durable blanket. Lawn seat chairs are available to trent at the theatre. Large folding chairs are prohibited.
  3. Hollywood Casino Amphitheater allow shows rain or shine, so check the forecast for your scheduled concert. If there is rain and you have lawn seats, perhaps bring a chair or put tarp underneath your blanket. Shows have potential to be cancelled if there is lighting for safety issues.
  4. Like most concerts, food and drinks can be pretty pricy. So don’t be surprised that you have to pay $10 for a funnel cake. However, the theatre offers a self-serve snow cone stand, and that is around the five dollar price range.
  5. Pay attention to where you are parked at. Even though that seems pretty obvious, I cannot emphasize this enough. Parking rows are marked with letters and numbers on each far end, so observe other markers if you’re parked near the middle.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes. Girls tend to go all out in heels,  but when you’re in a tight square of lawn space and walking around on crowded concrete, heels are not a suggested shoe choice.
  7. Most tickets are bought through the live nation website and can be printed at home, or accessed on your phone once you get there through your email.
  8. There is parking “VIP” options for $30 that take up the first couple of rows of the lot. I do not believe this is worth it just because you’re going to be sitting in a line either way. I recomend looking up the list of songs the artist is going to play( ),  and decide of the last sing is worht styaing for, or walk out early and beat traffic.