Tips for choosing a college

Seniors read up!

  1. Make sure that it offers the major(s) that you’re interested in.
  2. Choose a college that fits your personality–many people often say to find a school that is you as a college.
  3. Decide if price is a deciding factor for you, and if not, how you will pay heavy tuition fees.
  4. Location; you need to decide whether you want to stay close to home or if you’re trying to get as far away as possible.
  5. Is Greek life important to you? If so, you may want to make sure that there is a decent amount on campus that you could potentially join.
  6. The town that the college is in may be one of the most important factors–you won’t only be on campus during those four years, make sure you like where you’ll be living.
  7. Is it important to you that you go to a college with a low acceptance rate? If so, you may want to research these and make sure that you meet the requirements.
  8. If you have completed college credit hours before attending a university, you may want to make sure that the college you’re looking into will allow them to transfer.
  9. What is housing like? Would you rather commute or live on campus? Some schools require freshmen to live on campus, so you should decide this.
  10. What assistance is there for you? Tutoring? Counseling? Find what is important to you and your education.