New Additions to the G hallway

A new design added to the G hallway doors

Over the summer the administrators had decided to put stickers that lay over the doors,

in the fine arts (G) Hallway. The new doors that are on the choir room have the words “Francis Howell High Choir” printed all over it.

“I love the new doors, they show good characteristic in the G hallway. It’s such a creative way to show appreciation to the arts.” Senior Mikayla Angeli said.

The new design on the doors leading into the theater have the comedy and tragedy theater masks in a white circle with the words “Howell Theater” above it.

“I think they look so nice,” Senior Rebekah Anthonis said. “Our doors throughout the fine arts hallway have looked gross for a really long time, and now they look so nice.”

The new design on the band doors include a viking head with the words “Francis Howell Viking Bands.”

“I love them, I think they look so nice. They represent our club, so that when people go through the g hallway, they can see where the magic happens,” Senior Isabella Anzalone said.