Review for The Purge: Election Year

Purge Election Year becomes ranked one of the top thrillers

The chilling thriller, The Purge: Election Year brings about moments that will make you jump. “The plot was different than what I expected,” senior Maria Harden said. The exciting movie was released July 1, by director James DeMonaco to theaters across the country, making it a popular hit for the 4th of July holiday weekend. The film keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seat during the plot twisting story line. The Purge: Election Year was one of the best films presented in the summer of 2016. Giving chills all throughout my entire body, this film sent me encouraging others to go watch it for themselves. The film is centered around a young woman Senator by the name of Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell).  She and her family went through a dreadful night of the annual tradition of the purge, the night of committing crimes without punishment, with a less than happy ending. After her family didn’t survive, Roan is out to put an end to the dreadful night of horrors.  Faced against opponents who are planning to kill her on the night of the purge, she finds herself stuck in the streets of Washington D.C. as she is with Leo Barnes, the person in charge of her security helps to protect her all through the frightening night.