Avengers Academy App Review

Add the newest Avengers game to your iPhone screen



All your favorite Marvel heroes are back in school with this game. Avenger’s Academy is a game available for free on IOS and Android where you control Marvel superheroes as they live together on a college campus. The game, which was released by Tiny Co. Feb. 4, works something like Sims Free Play in terms of game play. You send the characters to perform tasks that take a set amount of real world time and when they complete the tasks, you earn “coins” that are used to buy buildings, characters, and upgrades for both of those things. You can also pay real world money for “shards” which are used to cut down the time it takes to do an activity or pay for special edition characters.

They game has levels and “quests” you need to do to unlock things to progress in the game. The game is still being developed, and at this point you can only reach level 36. To that point you can “recruit” characters like Iron Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Loki, Hulk, Captain America, Falcon, Ms. Marvel, and some others. There are also special limited time events for different themes, such as Spiderman and the Defenders.

The game is pretty cool overall. With new content coming out almost monthly, there’s hardly a chance to get bored. It’s also great to see the dialogue between the characters as young adults. They still have their core personalities, but are much more goofy and immature versions of themselves. Loki is always causing mischief; Iron Man is always flirting; Black Widow doesn’t have time for any of their shenanigans. They whole thing is pretty fun to watch.

The game does have its downsides. With so much new and ever changing content, especially in regards to the limited time events, it’s hard to earn all of the characters and items in an event before it ends, without spending money. The events normally last about a month, and in that time you have to earn enough coins and items to recruit sometimes up to seven or eight characters plus new building and decor for your campus. Another problem is that they make some fan-favorite characters, such as Jessica Jone and Ultimate Spiderman, available only if you’re willing to pay almost $8 in real money for them.

While the game itself is still a work in progress, it’s still a fun and addictive game with many cool features.The biggest downside is that you need to spend real money to get them.