Paper vs Computer

Schools begin to become paperless

Paper vs Computer

As technology seems to be ever evolving and improving for this generation, it is specifically influencing and trickling down to schools all over. Students are putting away the pencils and logging into computers to further their education; however, some disagree with this notion.


Studies have shown that students learn better through the traditional pencil and paper, and that long term effects at looking at a screen involves health risks. Some schools have taken this technological movement to the fullest by requiring all students to have either a tablet or computer to complete all assignments.


This change also affects how teachers teach. If fully transitioned, there will be minimal papers from them to have to grade and it will be easier to catch plagiarism. There should be a reasonable balance between the two or at least an option for students. For example, teachers offer both online textbooks and a paper textbook to check out.


Either way, both influence and change the way kids are learning in schools all across the Unites States.