Gifted Students Lose Intellectual Outlet

Spectra disappears from elective options

Due to budget cuts, the Spectra program is no longer offered to the select students who are eligible to take the course. With the sole teacher retiring at the end of the previous school year, the administrators simply didn’t feel a need to find a replacement due to the low enrollment numbers.

As a Spectra student of eight years, senior Forrest Gibson is disappointed that he can’t finish his high school career as a part of this program.

“Spectra was a creative outlet that allowed me to improve on skills that I otherwise didn’t have neither the time nor the means to develop in a regular classroom setting,” Gibson said.

Without this class, Gibson of course had to enroll in others–some of which may be challenging, but not in the same way.

“They shouldn’t have cut the Spectra program because of the fact that it allows certain kids to think differently than they could in regular classes,” Gibson said. “I also feel like using the smaller enrollment numbers as an excuse to cut the program doesn’t make sense, since that’s the exact reason why Spectra was created in the first place–only a small number of kids needed that kind of challenge.”