Why it might be time for some self reflection

“I swear kids these days.”

We hear it all the time. We are millennials obsessed with technology. The kids of the information age. We lack proper social skills and don’t have good hearted fun like people used to. The majority of the time we as a generation are getting the heat for our ways of living whether they are actually good or not. Despite all of the things we hear we, as a generation, continue to live in denial of our so called problems because older people are still living in the stone age and just don’t understand. They don’t see it from our side. But is it possible that… they could have a point?

Since the technology age has begun, our generation has grown up surrounded by the lures of social media and the dominating presence of the internet. It is the only thing we have ever known. Despite being labeled the age of information, more and more people today are less informed than ever. Rather than discussing the upcoming election and pondering just who it is we want to represent our country, we are more concerned with the latest twitter battle or post on buzzfeed. Small insignificant things that we won’t even remember years down the road are what we preoccupy ourselves with day in and day out. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. All of these Apps that although defined as social media lead us to follow very unsocial lives. In a room full of people, we often say nothing, but instead glue our eyes and mindless thoughts to the glowing blue screen in our hands. Soon we will have members of congress and the police force who grew up as millennials and the outcome of this? Well that has yet to be determined. What can be determined is how we act now, on this day in time.

What we do today will be the deciding factor on what impact our generation leaves on the world. I too am guilty in taking part in all of the mindless attractions that come with media usage today. I am not above the stereotypes; however, I have come to realize just how controlling their influence can be. I no longer want to waste excessive amounts of time scrolling through my twitter feed. Instead I could read a book or talk to a friend face to face. I still plan to use social media but intend to slash its usage and prove just how incredible our era truly is. So let’s defy those stereotypes of laziness and inactivity. Let’s show the world our creativity and tenacious attitudes because we are the future. We are the millennials.