Highest injury count in Olympic History




With a 77 medal count, the United States takes the lead in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Great Britain 36 behind. Although our current medal count is captivating viewers, the number of athletes being injured is something to pay concern to.

Injuries ranging from broken legs and collarbones, to fractured backs and neck injuries, this may be the most dangerous olympics yet. What’s most alarming is the “freak nature” of most of these incidents.

The world watched in terror last Sunday as lead Dutch cyclist Annemiek Van Vleuten laid motionless from clearing on a sharp turn. Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan went to lift 195 kg Wednesday night in Rio when his elbow aggressively gave out, leaving the 20 year old in horrific distress.  

These people having been training for years not only to shatter their Olympic career, but any continuation of their athletic career, as well. We can count on the determined athletes at hand, with an injury that is treatable, to get back on the bike, return to the floor, and make their country proud.