Objectives in Class, Help Students Pass


The new 2016-2017 Howell Time passes.

Due to a new district policy, teachers are now expected to post and update daily objectives in class. The goal with posting objectives daily is to make it easier for students by allowing them to know what they will be doing and learning in class everyday.

For some teachers, this new policy doesn’t bring any changes to their classroom. Multimedia teacher Erika Halloran has been posting the objectives for each of her classes up on a whiteboard along with telling students the agenda for years.

“Having objectives posted and discussing them in class helps students know what is planned for class, and keeps them from being lost. Students don’t walk into class wondering what they will be doing, but being able to visibly see the objectives help to inform them,” Halloran said.

The policy requires for teachers to have objectives posted in the classroom daily, but some teachers are doing more. Science teacher Sam Berendzen posts, and informs his classes on the objectives, then references back to the objective during class.

“By posting and talking about the objective for class, students have a guide for the class,” Berendzen said.

This new policy may add extra work for teachers preparing for class, but at the same time helps prepare students for class, and keeps them on track.

Principal DiPaolo said the district hopes that having objectives in class will help to keep students on track, and allow them to be ready for class.