The Little Prince Review

Netflix’s recent release becomes a hit

The Little Prince Review

A fox, a rose, and a little prince star in a movie about love and loss, but most importantly not forgetting what it is like to be child.

One of Netflix’s most recent releases is the The Little Prince. This movie stars a little girl (Mackenzie Foy) with a controlling mother (Rachel McAdams), who only wants her daughter to get into the best school, Werth Academy. In order to get into the school, they move into a new neighborhood to insure the little girls future education.

Within no time they’ve moved in, and mom leaves for work. The neighbor (Jeff Bridges) creates a distraction for the little girl with a story about a little prince (Riley Osborme) on asteroid B16, and a rose whose vanity controlled the prince, until he left her alone on the asteroid and began his adventure.

This story left the girl unable to complete her busy work, which her mother has left for her to do throughout the day, so that she can be ready for school at Werth Academy.

Based off Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, bringing the book to life, showing the miraculous journey of the prince and how his story changes the little girl’s life in the best way possible.

I enjoyed seeing this story come to life through animation, it aspires to show childlike wonder and appreciation for the creativity that is not taught in school.

Music by Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey, added suspense and adventure to the film intensifying the events that occur. This gave a sense of time and place to the story in a wonderful way.

The transition between the story of the little girl and the book of the little prince was done brilliantly, by using two different types of animation throughout the movie to indicate whose story was being told.

This movie is charming, and a story everyone should know. I Give it 5 out of 5 stars because it is a timeless story that will warm your heart and  leave you in tears.