5 Ways to Get Ahead Over the Summer

As finals come and go, high school students across the nation anticipate months of carefree fun. For the student who wishes to spend some of this time preparing for the future, however, there are abundant opportunities to enhance that college application while still enjoying the freedom of summer break.


  1. Studying for standardized tests

Perhaps not the most enthralling idea, but going to your local bookstore or library, picking up a manual, and studying the material bits at a time can be a huge benefit to that ACT score.


  1.  Volunteering

There are numerous places in need of dedicated volunteers in the St. Charles area. A few suggestions are the library, animal shelter, or food pantry.


  1. College research

With thousands of universities in the United States alone, the thought of choosing just one can be overwhelming. Websites such as Big Future and College Scholarships.org help to make this decision a bit easier, providing information regarding finanical aid, and helping you find the best match for you.


  1. Completing A+

For just one week of your summer, you can earn two years of free community college, an opportunity not to be missed.

  1. Working

Colleges will appreciate seeing that you held a job on your application, and who couldn’t use a little extra spending money?