What to Bring to College

With only a few months left before college, it is important to begin to decide what to bring to college. From school supplies to dorm stuff, there are numerous things to bring in order to be prepared. Here is a list of important and common things to bring for college:


  1. Refrigerator and/or microwave: A mini fridge and microwave are basic essentials for a dorm room. With these handy, you can at least make some of your own food. If you enjoy coffee, a Keurig may also be a great thing to bring. Many colleges provide mini fridges and microwaves in some of their dorm rooms, so make sure to check online.
  2. Bedding: Bedding and sheets are extremely important to bring along. Most dorm beds are twin XL, so make sure to buy the proper sized bedding.
  3. Shower caddy: If you’re planning on living in a community style dorm, a shower caddy is the perfect way to transport your shampoo and other toiletries from your room to the bathroom.
  4. Medicine: It is often said that people become sick more often while in college. Stock up on Advil, Emergen-C, and other necessary medication.
  5. Command hooks: Because most colleges prohibit hanging things up with nails, it’s a good idea to invest in some command hooks, especially if you plan to decorate the walls.
  6. Storage: Since there is little room in a dorm, having enough storage bins is important. Many people also choose to raise their beds so that they have more storage space. Other great storage options include closet organizers, jewelry organizer, and bulletin boards.
  7. School supplies: Some important school supplies include a backpack, pencils, pens, paper, folders, highlighters, and a planner.
  8. Misc: Some other miscellaneous items to bring are dorm decorations, a full length mirror, a tv and/or laptop, phone chargers, clothes, plasticware, laundry detergent, curtains, a futon or mini couch, hangers, and snacks.