Spring Cleaning Tips

April showers have washed away and spring has finally sprung. With spring comes fresh, new beginnings. This is why spring cleaning has become a ritual for many. If you’re not sure where to begin your spring cleaning endeavours, here is a list of ideas so you may begin spring with a new, clean palette.


  1. Closet: This is most likely the toughest task to tackle. With changing seasons, it is crucial to move winter clothes out in order to make room for spring and summer clothes. Do a few loads of laundry, donate old clothes, and refold and rehang everything.


  1. Backpack: With it being second semester, your backpack is likely to obtain a growing pile of old papers and junk. Be careful what you toss out though; make sure you absolutely do not need it anymore.


  1. Cell phone: Go through old messages, emails, photos, and apps in order to clear up storage.