Pre-AP Chemistry Constructs Biodiesel Boats


Before going for a second boat race, April 13, sophomore Peter Liu and sophomore Josh Unland make some boat modifications.

With a putt putt the boat went off. Wednesday April 13, Natalie Frankenberg’s Pre-AP Chemistry sent their biodiesel boats down the track.

“It was a difficult to do without my partner,” junior Jack Dugan said. “But it was really great to see them run.”

The boats run from the biodiesel, which the students made. The biodiesel is burned from a wick which causes the heat to create a vacuum which propels the engine.       

“It was great to see how our project works and how the materials in class can be applied to the real world,” junior Emma Fellows said.

Fellows and her partner made their boat from aluminum. It took 12.3 seconds to run start to finish.

“It was a good break from the classroom, but it was still a learning experience,” Fellows said.