Sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” introduces adult humor to family film

The recent release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has spurred an onslaught of first time fans rushing to the theaters to see this latest feel good comedy.

The film, a continuation of the first, is set years after the marriage of Portokalos and her husband Nick. The plot line of the movie revolves around the recertification of her parents marriage after it is discovered that they were not legally married in Greece since it occurred during World War 2. Throughout all of the craziness of the wedding planning, somehow the beloved grandfather still finds time to obsess over getting his granddaughter a boyfriend.

One slight change in the feel of the move from the original film, is the amount of vulgar references and language in the movie. With a lot more sexual references and innuendos worked into the lines, the film takes on an even more hilarious feel however may not be as family friendly.

Despite this slight increase in vulgarity, the film loses no charm or humor from it. At times I found myself unable to hold back laughter at the quirkiness of the characters and found the film to be incredibly well done. For me, the movie wasn’t intense or thought provoking, but instead just some feel good comedy that was a nice night out.

With all of the memorable characters back on screen, this film is a go to for anyone in search of a little heartwarming laughter and trip down memory lane.