2016 Presidential Election Opinion

Many people have very different opinions about this upcoming Presidential Election.

Most feminists, as you would expect, are endorsing Hillary. Hillary was Secretary of State for a while, but made far too many dumb mistakes with security to be trusted with a higher office. Bernie has good intentions, and he is a decent man morally, but communism is proven not to work. His version of socialism that he wants is pretty close to communism. On the GOP side of the spectrum we have John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump. John Kasich, is the weakest of the few in popularity, but I think he is the most prepared for the job and title he is a humble man who firmly believes in balancing budget, and he knows that paying for other’s needs is not going to help them and more socialists programs will not help anyone change, but pushing them to strive for the best version of themselves is going to help them. Trump is a dump in my opinion. He is the most popular. He is smart when it comes to running a business and economically pushing a train, but he is not consistent about what he believes and he is telling people what they want to hear not what they need to. He in the past 3 years changed his mind from going pro-choice to pro-life, he is too aggressive to ignore other people and compromise and this is what is going to get us into a war. Ted Cruz recently is making a smash since Rubio dropped out it seems all the Rubio fans are hopping on the Ted Cruz bandwagon. It Seems that whoever wins the Republican vote will win the 2016 presidential election.