Saint Louis Cardinals looking at the 2016 Regular Season

The Saint Louis Cardinals have high hopes for the 2016 regular season. Last year, a lot of things went right at the wrong time. They had the best start to a regular season of all time. They had a lot of pieces that went together well, but with injuries and the overuse of pitchers I think that is where their downfall was. They went 100-62 this year, which is an outstanding regular season record, but they fell apart at the end of the season and the playoffs. They have gone to the playoffs just about every year this past few decades, so it is almost expected that they make it to the World Series or win a League pennant his year. This year they have young payers with promising futures like pitchers: Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, and Mitch Harris, not to mention Waino is coming back, and even newly acquired Mike Leach who has a history of being average but very dependable. That is just what the Cardinals need this year is their rotation. I haven’t even mentioned the offensive side yet. The Birds have new homegrown bats like Stephan Piscotty, and Randall Grichuk who had exuberant seasons last year. It is quite a shame that neither of them got the Rookie Of The Year Award last year. Matt Holiday in one of his final contract years, has much to prove with his injure plagued 2015 season he will have to compete with Piscotty for his position this year. Matt Adams is in the line up finally after a torn right quad; which should add some pop to the lineup. The Cardinals had a quiet off-season not spending much and losing John Lackey and Jayson Heyward, but they are looking forward and setting their sights on the World Series and how they plan to get there one step at a time.