Meghan Trainor “No” Review

“No,” a recent single by Meghan Trainor, was released March 4, 2016. The single is upbeat and contains catchy lyrics. The single is a good song to sing along to, but can become redundant.  

Meghan Trainor is an American singer-songwriter. Trainor began his career in 2011 when she signed a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music, and pursued her career in songwriting. Since then, Trainor has wrote, recorded, performed, and produced three independently-released albums, as well as been on two tours.

In March 2016, Trainor released her fifth single “No.” The song will appear on her second album “Thank You,” which is scheduled to be released May 13, 2016.

Overall, “No” is fun to listen to on the radio. It’s one of those songs that are catchy, but not special or over the top. The single is a great sneak peek into Trainor’s upcoming album.

Score ⅗