Empowering Young Women Group Volunteers at the St. Charles Crisis Nursery

Mar. 8 was International Women’s Day–a day designated celebrating and promoting feminism around the world. However, Empowering Young Women (EYW) caught a glimpse of this disparity right in Howell’s backyard, when they volunteered at St. Charles Crisis Nursery, Mar. 9.

The St. Charles Crisis Nursery, located near Main Street St. Charles, aids struggling families, specifically children as old as 12, in the community. These children come to the Crisis Nursery for a variety of reasons, such as to escape domestic abuse, poor living conditions, or homelessness.

EYW spent the day helping nursery staff take care of the children, cook meals, and keep things running smoothly.

Following their work at the nursery, EYW took a stroll to Main Street to visit The Bridge

Fair Trade Market. The Bridge, run by local church ministries, sells Fair Trade items made by artisans around the world. The Bridge, in paying their contributors a living wage for their work, creates jobs in impoverished countries.

The Empowering Young Women’s field trip connected young women with the problems in their community and around the world, and created a desire for change.