Nancy Reagan Dies due to Congestive Heart Failure

At the age of 94, Nancy Reagan dies at her home in Los Angeles. She was pronounced dead early Sunday due to congestive heart failure.

Wife to 40th president Ronald Reagan, Nancy was a fierce supporter of her husband and played an incredibly influential role during his two term presidency. Throughout the climb of his career from actor, to California governor and finally president, Nancy was a vital advisor and influencer to her husband.

Although she was a powerful source behind the scenes, the First Lady never attempted to take credit or seem like the power source behind her husband. In public she was often portrayed as a content wife who adored her husband. While still loving of her husband, Nancy played a strong role in keeping her husband’s political career alive. She not only ran his presidential campaigns in 1976, 80’, and 84’, but also consulted with him on many appointments and policy decisions throughout his term. After the Iran Contra affair broke news in 1987, it was Nancy’s efforts that helped Reagan recover from the scandal.

Apart from helping her husband in his work, Nancy had an agenda of her own. As first lady, her focus was on limiting drug abuse and making people everywhere aware of their effects. She founded the “Just Say No” drug awareness campaign that was the force behind the National Crusade for a Drug Free America Act that was signed into legislation by Reagan himself.

Before playing the role of first lady, Nancy was playing different roles on the stage. The actress starred in numerous films and television programs until meeting her future husband. The two dated in secret until their marriage in 1952.