Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco Review

Death of a Bachelor, by Panic! at the Disco, came out January 15, after releasing seven songs over the course of 2015. While it did bring something new to Panic!’s sound every song seemed to bring the same new thing.  

Most of the songs released before the album came out had a different sound that blended different genres and made an impression. Hallelujah had a unique almost gospel-like sound and fun lyrics; Death of a Bachelor sounded like something Frank Sinatra.

Unfortunately, almost all of the rest of the songs had a strange techno-pop sound that was almost interchangeable between songs and lots of uninspired lyrics. The lyrics try to be edgy, but fail to make any real impression. It really is the death of a bachelor–Brendon Urie is really starting to sound old.

The do kind of have the same sound baroque pop sound of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Most of the singles were memorable and new, but all the rest of the songs on the album just sounded like recycled versions of the songs before them.