Full Tuition Scholarship Story

Paying for college is a monumental feat for many families. However, senior Kris Nilsson won’t have to worry about writing those checks. Enrolled to attend Maryville University next fall, Nilsson received their esteemed Presidential Scholarship, which covers full tuition and room and board.

“They select a few students to compete for these scholarships based on your gpa and ACT score,” Nilsson said. “I was surprised I was even selected, let alone won.”

Nilsson, along with other future Maryville students selected, attended University Scholars Weekend, Jan. 30-31, to compete for the top prize and meet other future students.

“They put us through a series of interviews with department heads, deans, and the president of the university,” Nilsson said. “It was nerve-wracking, but the interviews are all about being yourself, so I was able to relax into it.”

Nilsson waited several weeks for the verdict.

“I didn’t heard until Feb. 15,” Nilsson said. “At that time, it was in the back of my mind, so when they told me I got the scholarship I was ecstatic. I waited until my mom got home. She was really excited when I told her.”

Nilsson plans to study actuarial science at Maryville.

“I chose Maryville for their actuarial science program, but I never really thought about the money side of it,” Nilsson said. “When I got the scholarship, I felt so relieved that my parents wouldn’t have to worry about paying for school.