College How-to: Interviews

Some colleges, particularly those that are more elite and selective, recommend (or even require) an interview. These can be either with a current student or volunteer alumnus. In most case, interviews won’t make or break your chances of being admitted to an esteemed school.


  • Have questions prepared. For the most part, these interviews are about getting to know you and how you fit in with this school. However, all interviewers will ask if you have your own questions. Avoid asking questions that could be answered by the website. These people have gone to this college, so ask them about unique student experiences. You want to convey your interest in attending.
  • Dress professionally. This tip is a bit obvious: you shouldn’t show up to your interview in a tank top and flip flops. Your are essentially presenting yourself to this institution, and your appearance is a big part of that first impression. On the other hand, don’t pull out the suit or formal dress. These meetings are generally business casual.
  • Be yourself. How can a college gauge who you are as a person if you act like a robot? Being true to yourself during these interactions is crucial. Relax, crack a joke, share your passions–these interviewers want to talk to a person, not a script-reading machine.
  • Thank the interviewer. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Your interviewer has sacrificed their own personal time to speak with you. Express this gratitude.



Don’t stress over these interviews. Think of it as a more of a conversation. Breath.