Sarah’s Cake Shop Review

Sarah’s Cake Shop is a small bakery that provides a delicious array of baked goods. It is located in Chesterfield.  

The cookies are to die for. The portions are huge with each cookie being the size of a small plate. The chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. It is a classic choice but does not disappoint. Additionally, the more unique flavors such as gooey butter or chocolate pudding are delicious as well.

In addition to the cookies, the slices of cake and cupcakes are great as well. Sarah’s specializes in cupcakes and has a food truck to sell them at in addition to the ones found at the store. The icing is the best part as it is sweet, but not heavy.

Overall, the food is outstanding and the atmosphere is great. I recommend Sarah’s Cake Shop for any occasion. My only complaint is that I cannot buy everything.