Senior Class Vice President Utilizes Social Media

With over 2,217 followers total, senior Zach Reader is no stranger to social media. Reader has recently taken to new outlets like Instagram and Twitter to connect with other students at Howell.

“I really enjoy having the opportunity to share my experiences and ideas and interact with others through them,” Reader said. “It takes up a minimal amount of time in my day and is really just a periodic extension of my life.”

In the past some of his posts have gotten over 400 likes; however, since then his followers and likes have continued to rise.

“I try to share messages that are positive and very unique compared to the norm most are used to,” Reader added.

Whether it’s short phrases like “Existing is super rad” or long uplifting paragraphs, Reader never fails to send a message to his followers.

“I’ve been given an awesome stage to lead in the community and that definitely contributes when I share information on social media,” Reader said.

In the past eight years, social media has shot up by over 500%, with young people making up a majority of this rise. High Schoolers like Reader now also spend a large chunk of their time on sites similar to Twitter and Instagram such as Tumblr and Buzzfeed.

“I like using social media because it not only allows me to see what other people are up to, but to also share my own memories and adventures,” senior Shannon Rera said.

Although social media growth is beginning to reach a plateau, what will take it’s place remains to be seen.