Cell Phone Policy

Every year there’s always that teacher. The one who has the pocket phone holder hanging from the front of the room. Or the teacher who’s notorious for taking phones off of desks even if it’s not being used. Is this really necessary?

“There are definitely some negatives to phone use, like playing on your phone or being on social media,” assistant principal Jon Schultz said.

The code of conduct says: “Devices must remain off during school hours.  Items in use or displayed during school hours will be confiscated and district is not liable for damage, loss or theft of the device. This includes the inappropriate, unauthorized use, capturing, transmitting or duplicating an unauthorized picture of school staff, students, or school documents.Students should note that cell phones and other electronic devices that are inappropriately used during the school day will be confiscated from the student and sent to an administrative office for retrieval after school by the student or during business hours by the student’s parent.”

“The policy is very effective,” he said. “But phones can be absolutely used for academic purposes. It gives kids the ability to do research and make an impact on student learning for the better. It gives students an opportunity to use technology when appropriate.”

Even though they aren’t always allowed, some teachers do allow them to be used during class. They also can be used during passing periods.     

“Teacher submission for detentions have been declining since students are now allowed to use phones during passing period,” he said.