Pam Tweets

“Due to the winter weather, the FHSD will be closed Wednesday, January 20,2016.”

It’s the tweet from superintendent Pam Sloan every single student in the district patiently awaits as soon as flurries hit the ground. However, is patiently really the right word?

Since the rise in social media usage among high schoolers, students have taken to social media forums like twitter to express both their happiness and intense displeasure at the snow day verdict made by Sloan. Although many argue it’s just “kids being kids”, I believe some students have taken their anger to an entirely new level.

What started out as harmless fun has turned into aggressive tweets that both mock, ridicule, and ridicule the woman who runs our entire school district. Tweets with photos of Sloan’s face cropped onto the bodies of animals and famous celebrities with hateful captions are not only horribly disrespectful to Sloan and should be considered a form of harassment, but they also give Howell an incredibly bad name.

When kids at other schools see Howell students take to social media to physically not only about but at the most high power school official in the district, what does that say about how our facilities are run? It conveys not only a sense of disrespect for students but also makes it appear that our own superintendent can’t even control its students and their fast typing fingers. Whether it’s profanity, snide remarks, or offensive images, the “Pam Tweets” need to come to an end.