Hoodie Allen “Happy Camper” Album Review

“Happy Camper,” the newest album by Hoodie Allen, was released Jan. 22. The album consists of Allen’s typical catchy raps, with a couple slower songs thrown into the mix. Though this is Allen’s newest album since 2014, it sounds strangely familiar like all of his other songs.

Steven Adam Markowitz, professionally known as Hoodie Allen, is an independent American hip-hop artist. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Allen began working at Google shortly before quitting to pursue his full time music career. From 2009-2011, Allen released several mixtapes in the underground music scene. Since then, he has released more mixtapes and two albums, including “Happy Camper.”

Allen released a music video for “Are U Having Any Fun,” one of the 10 songs from “Happy Camper.” The video takes the viewer along with Allen on a date. It is formatted to appear like they are in a video game, with Allen constantly doing things for his date to “earn points” so she has fun. The video itself is unique and eye catching with its video game attributes, but the song tends to become repetitive.

Overall, “Happy Camper” is catchy and fun to sing along with, but isn’t anything special. It sounds just like any of Allen’s past albums. If one is a fan of Allen’s previous work though, then it is definitely worth listening to.

Score ⅗