Daddy’s Home Review

Daddy’s Home is a comedy directed by Sean Anders starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Linda Cardellini. The movie supplies some very funny scenes and has a unique premise, however, the movie is hardly memorable.

Brad Whitaker (Ferrell) is a good guy who always dreamed of being a father. Unfortunately, he learns he will never be able to have kids of his own. Luckily for Brad, he ends up meeting and falling in love with Sara (Cardellini) who has two children of her own. When the two get married, Brad achieves his dreams of having a family. However, Sara’s wild ex husband Dusty Mayron (Wahlberg) becomes jealous of Brad and makes it his mission to win back the love of Sara and the kids initiating a rivalry between him and Brad.

Both Ferrell and Wahlberg gave great performances as their characters. Ferrell’s typical naive and childish persona worked contrasted perfectly with Wahlberg’s sarcastic and daring attitude. The movie shined through this contrast making the battle between the two genuinely funny and entertaining to watch. However, while the movie was fun, it lacked any memorable one liners or scenes which would make the movie talked about for years to come.

The film manages humorous scenes and has an interesting premise. Overall, it’s the type of movie you should watch once but refrain from buying the DVD.

Rating 3 ½ /5 stars