Bryson Tiller “T R A P S O U L” review

“T R A P S O U L,” the newest album by Bryson Tiller was released Oct. 2, 2015. The album consists of an unique sound with its mix of rap songs and slower ballads.

Bryson Tiller is an American singer-songwriter and occasional rapper. Tiller began his career with his breakout single “Don’t,” which was originally released on his SoundCloud page. Since then, Tiller released two other singles as well as one mixtape and his album “T R A P S O U L.”

Along with his debut of “Don’t,” Tiller also released music video for the single, which is also one of the 14 songs on his album. The majority of the video takes place Tiller singing in a street, and a woman sitting alone in a bedroom. The song is catchy and unique, but the video lacks in those areas.

Overall, “T R A P S O U L,” sounds similar  to many R&B albums, but at the same time, is something new to listen to if one is tired of the typical R&B artists.

Score ⅗