“Purpose” Review

“Purpose,” the newest album by Justin Bieber, was released Nov 13. “Purpose” consists of a more relaxed tone. Justin Bieber strays from the typical pop sound, and forms more slow vocals and meaningful lyrics. Though there are still a couple pop sounding songs, Bieber does overdo it on the slow songs.

Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer Justin Bieber is a pop artist who began his career by filming YouTube videos of him singing. His channel and videos attracted millions of views. He then released his first debut, My World, in late 2009. Since then, Bieber has released four albums and has been on four tours, as well as guest starring in six films and 18 television shows.

Overall, Bieber’s newest album, “Purpose,” involves slower beats and overly repetitive lyrics. If one is already a fan of Bieber’s work, chances are he/she will enjoy the album. If not, it is not something that will hook more fans in.

Score ⅗