Snow Day Feature

The glittering white snow falls along the roads, piling up and causing a halt in everyone’s daily lives. For New Melle residents, the winter nightmare is in the travels to destinations.

“Living out in New Melle is isolated on snow days,” senior Taylor Schellert said, “But we make the best of it.”

Seniors Schellert and Brady Wildschuetz reminisce on old memories during their snow day Jan. 20.

“My parents use to drive the four wheelers around, while dragging us behind in a boat,” Schellert said.

Continuing the tradition, the two eagerly went up to the cow pasture early that morning. The four wheeler roared in the crisps winter air. Tying a knot connecting the sled, Wildschuetz drives off.

“The only scary part of the ride is occasionally running over a frozen cow pie,” Wildschuetz said. “It does not feel to good to say the least.”

On top of creating their own joy ride the duo concludes their day sledding at the huge hill in their backyard.

“It’s fun to have a day off to spend time with your family and friends,” Wildschuetz said. “It’s bittersweet reliving my childhood memories.”