Q&A with Varsity Golden Girl’s Captain Kiersten Pruitt over the Chicagoland Competition

Q. Varsity placed third in hip hop and jazz. Did these results live up to your expectations?

A. As a team, we don’t care as much about the placements as how we feel after we danced. Walking offstage from both of the dances felt amazing. Our placements were great, but I’m more proud of how we felt after we finished. It exceeded my expectations.

Q. How did it feel to be the only team to win the Overall Sportsmanship award? Why do you believe Howell stood out from the other competitors?

A. It was an honor to win. I think our team has gotten a bad reputation in the past for not being the kindest. This year we really wanted to change that by encouraging other teams. We really love supporting our friends from other teams that have supported us in the past.

Q. How do you think this competition prepares you for the upcoming Nationals at Disney?

A. Chicagoland really helps us see what we’re up against for nationals. We competed against multiple teams that we’ll be against again. It is a nice way to motivate us, especially if a team looks really good.

Q. As a senior, the season is coming to a close. How does it feel to be on your last year?

A. It’s so bittersweet. This year has been fun being a captain and senior because I get to lead this team, but it has been emotional since it is ending soon. I have done the Golden Girls since Freshman year and it is weird that it is almost over. It has been hard since there are so many “lasts”, but it helps me live in each moment and enjoy it all.  

Q. Will you continue to pursue dance once high school ends?

A. I’m hoping to dance in college and maybe even beyond. Dance is something that will be a part of my life forever.