Top Five Free Websites to Help You Prepare for the ACT

  1.–the official site for the ACT Test. Here you will find all of the information required to turn in prior to taking the test as well as the rules and guidelines. In addition, includes a Test Prep section which includes an enormous amount of sample questions, tips, and a preparation program.
  2.–an online Test Prep site. The best part about is their free eBook that gives information and strategies on how to tackle the exam. As the site claims, the eBook “has tons of helpful graphs, images, anecdotes, and nerdy jokes to make your prep more fun.”
  3.–a free account to help prepare for the ACT or SAT. The webiste features videos and practice questions as well as a “Wordplay” feature which is “designed to help studying vocabulary fun”.
  4.–free online sample tests. This website has a variety of tests and questions along with answer keys.
  5.–free online sample ACT tests. This website has over 100 tests per ACT section for students to practice on. In addition, it gives advice on what to do before and after test day.