Adele Review

Almost a month after Adele’s long awaited album 25 finally released Nov. 20, fans across the globe are still buzzing about her latest album.

The album, produced through XL Recordings, is her third studio recorded album and has broken sales records in the first day it was made available. The electronic version of the album contains 11 songs while the physical CD copy contains three bonus songs for fans.

Adele’s first song on the album, Hello, was released prior to the entire album and excited fans for what else Adele had hiding under her song belt. The song immediately captured audiences with the chilling piano and riveting notes that the singer is famous for belting out. The song begins softly. With just a few notes of the piano heard before she utters the first word “hello”. Listeners are captivated by the unique style that Adele sings with. Her raspy, emotion voice sends chills down fans spines every time she utters a note. The song begins to build, and then WHAM. Listeners are hit with one of ADELE’s famous high notes. The powerful chorus comes out of nowhere and fans are just shocked, they are amazed at what Adele has brought with this new album

Another two of the more popular songs on the album are Sweetest Devotion and Remedy. According to Adele, Sweetest Devotion is a tribute to her son and how the impact he has had on her life has been irreversible and couldn’t be more thankful for him. The song begins with a faint recording of her sons voice, and soon goes into a melodic start. This is one of the more uplifting songs on the album and focuses on love and family rather than love and heartbreak. Remedy on the other hand is a more emotion filled song that touches the hearts of those. On this song she sings within a lower range of notes, that stirs up feelings in all of Adele’s fans. She has not commented on who this particular song is related to.

Despite talk that Adele wouldn’t live up to the standards of her last album 21, she shocked the world by releasing a product that just may outdo her last one.