Top 4 Places to Find Scholarships

With first semester coming to an end, college decisions are creeping up on seniors. Along with the stress of choosing a college, seniors are searching for scholarships to help reduce the cost of attendance. Here are the top four places to find the most worthwhile scholarships:

  1. – On Francis Howell’s website under the guidance tab, recent scholarships are posted making this a great resource for students who don’t know where to start with scholarships. With financial aid, academic, and other activity scholarships, students can find a scholarship to meet his/her’s need.
  2. – Students are able to sign up for free and search for millions of scholarships to fit his/her needs. The website also matches students up with scholarships that they are eligible for. The site is also credited, making it a reliable source.
  3. – This website is another reliable scholarship source. This website includes unique scholarships such as donating tin cans or completing community service projects to be considered for scholarships. This website is perfect for students that enjoy making a difference in the community and are tired of the typical essay scholarships.
  4. University’s scholarship application – This is for students who have decided on what university to attend. Most colleges provide a separate scholarship application for students to fill out in order to be considered for scholarships through the school. This is easy to get to, but usually requires one to two essays.