DECA Holds Spirit Week

The week 12/7 – 12/11 is a time to make people get excited about DECA Club, which has its own spirit week. The spirit week days are PJ day on Monday, ugly sweater day on Tuesday, dress for success on Wednesday, Wear College gear on Thursday and DECA Clothes Day on Friday.

“We decided to do it to raise awareness for DECA and organization,” vice president of the club senior Alyssa Anderson said. “I think it’s a great way for kids to get involved.”

“It’s a great time to pump up about this year’s DECA competition and events,” clubs president senior Julie Sacco said. “There are over a hundred people in the club, and this year we have over 60 officers. Not everyone is taking part in the spirit week but most people do.”

On Wednesday, the club members who take marketing classes had to make a presentation on the ways for promoting the school football team and show it to judges.

“I had to present ideas on how to promote the team and make it grow,” junior Alyssa Kohrs said. “It was very nerve racking at first and I know that everyone was very nervous. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think I did a very good job and I enjoyed the experience overall!”

The judges were parents, who took off work, and some teachers.

“My mom was actually one of the judges and thank goodness I didn’t have her because it would be so nerve racking!” Kohrs said.

The meaning of the DECA spirit week for students is to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The participating people, vice president said.

“I think that they decided to have the spirit week to get DECA more involved in school,” junior Catherine Behrens said. “My favorite day was when we should wear the ugly Christmas sweaters.”