When its Dark Out By G-Eazy Album Review

“When it’s Dark Out,” the newest album by G-Eazy, is a crossover home run when it comes to the album’s vocals and tone. G-Eazy switches from his typical rap to more singing in this album with some songs such as “Calm Down.” He does though keep his rapping edge in other songs on the album, making it the perfect balance of song types.

Rapper and songwriter Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy or Young Gerald, is a hip hop recording artist who began his career in a local group called “The Bay Boyz.” Since then, G-Eazy has released seven mixtapes, 10 singles, and four albums, including his newest one “When It’s Dark Out.”

Overall, G-Eazy’s album, “When It’s Dark Out,” is different from his previous work, but is unique coming from a rapper. The songs hold deeper meanings, unlike typical rap songs, and contains the perfect balance of rap and vocals. Any fan of G-Eazy will not be disappointed.

Score ⅘